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Suzanne Painter-Supplee, LEED AP+ID&C, MHS, CFSP, provides consulting services to manufacturers, foodservice dealers, commercial kitchen designers and end users. While Revit is used to design buildings, &  food service consultants use it for kitchen design,  it has other applications for use in sales, marketing, & comparative product analysis.  Because utility information is built into Revit families & Revit 3D models can be placed side by side and scheduled, it affords immediate credibility as a comparative tool.  

Suzanne is a dynamic & entertaining speaker, writer & trainer with 30+ years in the food service equipment & supplies industry.  She recently received her TRUE (Zero Waste) Advisor Certification.

Video Clips Of Revit Projects

One of the fun things about Revit is being able to share a concept with an end user so that they understand the design’s capabilities and see your vision.  I use a variety of third party programs to create media from Revit projects. Revit family content contained here is either original (by me) or from paid subscription libraries, like KCL for kitchen equipment.  However, the conveyor/accumulator/ware handling equipment was built by me and most of it is parametric.  Check out my original Revit FOOD and Smallwares!  Who knew pepperoni could be a project material!

In this busy operation, the scullery was the worst place to work. So how can we make it more pleasant while also cutting  labor requirements?    This concept drawing was produced for Caddy Corp.   Meiko dish machine also shown is from the KCL library,  pulper reworked to make specified model, and Revit people from a purchased library.  Everything else is original.

Concept shown-both conveyors and poker chip dollies are original.  Dish machine and shelving courtesy of the KCL Library.

A hospital was considering a cooking suite concept so A20 Foodservice Design wanted to show them one they had designed.  So I put it into Revit.  Winston, Firex, smallwares and FOOD (you gotta see the Revit Pizza.  It’s not a decal.) were created by me, down to the pancakes and tongs.  Angelo Po, ACP  from KCL, Woodstone &  Hestan from their own libraries

This college dining facility serves over 3000 meals per day and bottlenecks were everywhere in their old set up.  The facility was also transitioning from steam to electric, so Revit properties and my energy/labor audits were able to spell out the rest of the story.  Meiko dishwasher from KCL, people, third party content library.  All else, native Revit, including smallwares.  The accumulators in these videos are fully parametric-set the length, carriers multiply.  Want trays going the other direction?  Carriers are also parametric.

Coming soon! My personal picks-Revit Add-In’s – the ones that WORK for foodservice equipment/design.




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